Modest stations in the log

10W or 20W and 8m wire or dipol. Wow! Respect!




E44WE Christmas gifts


Several dozens of fridge magnets with Bethlehem picture will be send together with QSL cards to HAMs requesting direct OQRS via Clublog. Enjoy!






Logs uploaded

Today I finished paper log convertion to ADIF format and uploaded all QSOs to Clublog. Please check your contacts because sometimes I could not read my own handwriting, so the callsigns might be with small errors. If you are sure about contact and you cannot find your QSO in Clublog please write me email and I will check it.



Bad news

Bad news for me, not for you!

Just before CQ WW Contest my computer crashed. Because of that I did not participate in the contest. Instead of calling cq in the contest I went for paper and ballpen search. Nearby there was a kindergarden and there I found helpful soul who gave me tools to log contacts on a paper. So I was limited to SSB WARC bands.

Maybe that was good for small pistols looking for all time new one. Who knows ...? Maybe that computer crash helped some of you to work new one on 12m or 17m...

Please wait week or more for uploading of last few days of operation as I have to repaire laptop and rewrite paper lags to computer.





Dear Readers,

Please look for me during contest on 15m. Also remember to send Cabrillo log to:

I hope to see you with pleasure in the contest.




Propagation prediction for Central Europe

Below you can see propagation forecast for Central Europe countries (Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Ukraine, Belarus, part of Germany and Italy).


Other countries should enter QTH locator to see propagation forecast on following page:



Second Chance

Probably from 18th October until 29th October 2017 I will be again in Bethlehem operating 10m, 12m, 15m and 30m. Some SSB, PSK63 and maybe RTTY will be included (I still hesitate with FT8).





QSL card


All direct QSL requests received before 15th August 2017 were mailed on 24th August 2017 from Germany.


DXpedition efficiency

To compare various Dxpeditions we should take into account similar phase of solar cycle, as much as possible – similar position in most wanted list and similar equipment and geographical location. It is almost impossible to have all factors equal. Nevertheless I will make some comparison of this year (2017) and previous (2016) efforts below.

Few of this DXpeditions had well known DXpeditioners in their crew:


Most of them were using power amplifier…


Antennas at Talitha Kumi

I was using:

6m - 2 el Yagi

10m - Sloping dipole

17m - 2 el Harp (VDA)

20m - Vertical dipole




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