Propagation prediction for Central Europe

Below you can see propagation forecast for Central Europe countries (Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Ukraine, Belarus, part of Germany and Italy).


Other countries should enter QTH locator to see propagation forecast on following page:



Second Chance

Probably from 18th October until 29th October 2017 I will be again in Bethlehem operating 10m, 12m, 15m and 30m. Some SSB, PSK63 and maybe RTTY will be included (I still hesitate with FT8).





QSL card


All direct QSL requests received before 15th August 2017 were mailed on 24th August 2017 from Germany.


DXpedition efficiency

To compare various Dxpeditions we should take into account similar phase of solar cycle, as much as possible – similar position in most wanted list and similar equipment and geographical location. It is almost impossible to have all factors equal. Nevertheless I will make some comparison of this year (2017) and previous (2016) efforts below.

Few of this DXpeditions had well known DXpeditioners in their crew:


Most of them were using power amplifier…


Antennas at Talitha Kumi

I was using:

6m - 2 el Yagi

10m - Sloping dipole

17m - 2 el Harp (VDA)

20m - Vertical dipole




E44WE audible in England by G8BCG

JT65 from E4

Probably it was first time DXpedition used JT65 digital mode from Palestine. I can tell you that it is not my favorite mode - long QSO time makes me nervous. Nonetheless I made 27 QSOs and 3 of them with JA on 6m.




Please do not duplicate

I am one of those who try to make contacts with various amateurs. Making duplicate, cloned QSOs you give less chance to other small pistols. Please avoid cloned contacts.




Digi modes


When conditions are marginal or when my throat is out of use I will engage some digital modes - probably PSK63 or JT65, but mostly I will stick with SSB as it seems to be most efficient :-)






Please check beacons

I will be mostly on 17m band but those of you who are interested in 6m or 10m QSOs should check Middle East beacons and  let me know about good, reliable opening. I will NOT QSY on every demand but if conditions are good enough to make 100 or more contacts.

10m beacons:


6m beacons:

  • 4X4SIX (50.080 MHz)
  • 5B4CY (50.018 MHz)


Also DXmaps map might be useful.




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