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E44WE !!!!

It is indeed a rare Day!!

I had heard that Janusz, SP9FIH was traveling to Palestine for the CQWW SSB contest and I listenned for him with great dismay during the contest. Notta PEEP! He was spotted mostly by EU stations and the band was a mess with all the contesters! So there was little hope for me.

After the contest he stuck around, worked some of the other modes and gave out ATNOs to many. I saw he was worked yesterday about 1600Z on the West Coast by N6PEQ on RTTY! That gave me a Prayer!

Today He was spotted on 15M SSB by some EU stations. I listenned on some WEBSDRs around the country and nothing heard.

Then around 1500Z he was spotted on DXSUMMIT by a ZERO station on 14240.
It was time to go downstairs and check on the big rig.

The beam was aimed towards VP6D, so I turned it around and around to see if I could hear him. Checked Long Path and couldn't hear a peep. There were lots of DQRM by Channel Police blocking out chances. Finally I could JUST hear him looking towards Japan. He was asking for west Coast!!!!

I quickly tuned up the Killerwatt on CW a few KCs down and went up and called him. As I did I noticed my signal was chopping in and out!! OH NO!!! The MOST IMPORTANT CALL of my life and an Equipment failure!!!!!!
I went and tried tuning again down abit on CW and I noticed the POS MFJ AUTOTUNER going crazy! It kept wanting to RETUNE!! I shut that off and Tried again. Now it worked with a good 1000W out regardless of SWR!!! I returned to 14240 and called again. He worked a few more 6s and then suddenly he returned a scrambled version of my call.


I Shouted WHISKEY ALPHA SIX MIKE HOTEL ZULU into the mike, probably splattering and IONIZING the Ionosphere!!!

And then he came back with my correct call!!

I was added to the log for the First ATNO in as long as I can remember!!!
OH I did get the KOSOVO when Marti was there, but that wasn't quite as exciting!!

I now have to look up the QSL details and get the card for this.

In fact, I think I will declare OCTOBER 30th as OFFICIAL E4 DAY!!! Too be remembered forever as a WONDERFUL DAY!!!

THIS IS WHAT HAM RADIO is all about!!!! This is what I live for!!

Now only 3 to go! BS7H, and P5; Oh and Monk Apollo on Mt Athos! He is on but we need to talk him into trying FT-8 to get thru to the West Coast!

think I will celebrate with an Absolutely GLORIOUS LUNCH!!!
YES, Mc RIBS are back at McDonalds, Had 2 Sunday night and 2 more last night!
I need something better! Maybe 3 Fish Tacos at RUBIOS!!



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